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Well I finally managed to drop my physics class. I had to go to the… - the festival of entropy: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 15th, 2006|04:36 pm]
[mood |hornynone]
[music |none]

Well I finally managed to drop my physics class. I had to go to the UCFY to do it. That was so gay.

After skipping my classes for two days, I finally went today. I thought that I had a test in Latin, but turns out it's on Friday, luckily. But, having recently lost my Latin notebook, I need to redo all the translations. That adds up to about 180 lines of the Aeneid that I have to translate. gross.

My poetry 'teacher' is total shit, and everyon in the class knows it. No one answers the questions she asks, save me, on the hope that if we cover all the material, we can leave early. But yeah.

Chad was pretty much a total failure as a Valentine yesterday, but he made it up to me. I almost feel bad for not having sex with him last night. In fact, I think I do feel a little bad about it. But yeah. Everything's better now. He got me a pretty opal ring and stuff.

My mom and Andreas are "working on their marriage", but I honestly hope it doesn't work out. But at least for the time being I won't have to take out a student loan.

Hey Russell, wanna buy some rock? *nudge nudge*