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stupid meme. [Dec. 28th, 2005|04:04 pm]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bauhaus:
    The band and not so much the art movement.... Not dissing on the art movement, but I like the band a lot. My fav. song by them is "burning from the inside".... i think.
  2. charles bukowski:
    Despite the fact that he's a womanizing misogynist alcoholic, I find myself often identifying with him. Could it be because I am often a womanizing misogynist drunk? possibly. I am also ever the pessimist and I adore Mr. Bukowski.
  3. filling the void:
    in various and sundry ways.
  4. horror movies:
    i like gory slasher movies, especially when they have nipple shots. (womanizing again?)
  5. make up:
    the stuff you put on your face.... and also that awesome song by the soft pink truth. I often do my make up dramatically.... though lately, I've found myself not wearing it as much.
  6. numbing myself:
    see Filling the void....
  7. razors:
    razor and other sharp-like things. i don't feel this requires explaination.
  8. shiny things:
  9. the 80's:
    the music, the style.... It's so wonderfully bad... My dad got me a bottle of 'rap musk' from the thrift store for xmas. hahahahaha. i nearly pissed myself laughing.
  10. writing:
    i like to write, but not on this meme. I don't like this meme because It makes me do all of the work. I'm lazy.

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